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On our way to Wellington for a lover's week-end.

NZ seen from above. The Wellington harbour... and its feet.

Last picture from Wellington, we spent the rest of our time eating out, museuming around, and enjoying the "big" city life Back home, it's Barbie time! On a faim! On a faim! On a faim! (to be said hitting the forks on the table) The next week-end we decided it's time to take Ben outside Christchurch... so we head for good old Akaroa. 

A sheep took that picture, standing on its back feet... pretty impressive! As we were picniquing on our favorite beach, here came the Ferraris and Porsches... there goes the neighbourhood. Getting ready for a beer in the sun. Yes... Ben has chips on his chest... He's trying to catch girls this way... so far only seagulls. 

Ben wanted to pose in the cave ... with the dead sheep. On the hike... Left-overs from rainy days. Akaroa

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