Birdlings Flat and the Southern Bays of the Banks Peninsula


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Checking behind the rocks... or is he crab hunting? (I have to say Mike thought that beach wasn't perfect as there was no dolphins playing in the waves... he becomes difficult) A won-der-ful picture smile :-) Playing with the timer as the tide goes up and wets our pants. Nice spot ...

...for a picnic. The bunnies agreed! Climbing down... ... there was actually a dolphin swimming there (did I mention we have a crappy zoom?)

Birdlings flat from above, if you look closely there are the Alps in the background... did I mention about the zoom? Magnet Bay... over-exposed... too much sun. Waiting for the perfect wave. Kaitorete Spit (not on the screen ... if you don't get the joke email me I'll explain it to you)

Rothko But where is everyone??? If you want to buy us a new camera, we have suggestions (with a zoom)  

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