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The first stop on the way to the North island is always Kaikoura... ... and its seals! A beautiful day to be on the sun deck, right ladies? A visit to the Frosts in Wellington
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Let me introduce Dan, Keita and Manu... ...and the slide!   On the way North: the Huka falls. Lots and lots and lots...
261_huka_falls 272isde 281salminen 292ahola
...and lots and lots and lots of water. A swim anyone? Did Mike mention already who won the ISDE? FInland, Finland... Finland.
298_beach_coromandel 300mikeonthebeach 302puce 313coromandel
In the Coromandel
After a short stroll in a pine forest we find right behind our first accommodation  the usual deserted beach.
Micky is having a beer on the beach. While I take a stroll (I will of course end up soaked).  

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